Fiber Crate:

  • Crum Creek, LLC is a distributor of specialty packaging fiber crates. We provide solutions to the aluminum, stainless, and copper tube industries. Our product replaces wood crates or brown wrap. The crates can be produced to a maximum size of 8 x 12 x 8 – 540″ long, and ranges in caliper from .060 to 500.
  • Our Fiber Crates are produced with Laminated Paperboard product that helps prevent damage in shipping and handling. Our Fiber Crates are a viable solution both domestically and internationally.
  • Our Crates are produced with solid material, without seams, to provide superior beam strength.
  • Our drop-down production process saves production time and increases efficiencies. Fiber Tubes require end to end loading which requires more room.
  • Our Crates are stackable.
  • Our product is a great replacement for wooden crates as it provides high strength and protection while lowering weight for shipping. No need to worry about disposing unwanted wood crates.
  • Fiber Crates are preformed U Channels with two end closures that forms a solid strength shipping container. It is lightweight vs. wood.
  • The external package is a smooth, white, clay coated fiberboard. You can print your logo to create a more attractive package on the smooth, white, clay coated fiberboard.
  • Our high quality, white appearance is ideal to carry your message for market branding or handling instructions.
  • We are a good solution if you are experiencing damage to products in full truck, LTL, or UPS shipments. The solid fiber based, square/ rectangular shape, can cut your transit damage and is UPS friendly.
  • Not only do our fiber crates help you reduce damage, it could save on shipping cost too!


  • Ideal for window and door applications.
  • Our preformed handle makes it easy to move the package around.
  • Mitered construction protects corners and eliminates additional assembly time.

Wood Crates:

  • We produce Wood Crates in Central Pennsylvania to your specifications.
  • Our service platform and attention to detail help create a positive customer experience.
  • Contact us for your hard to do.